Our History

Through the years


The beginning

Vigar Carnes is founded in the city of Monterrey, as a marketer of meat products.


First Imports

It begins with the importation of American beef after the commercial agreement signed by the government that allowed such activity.


Processing plant

In order to meet the high demand for imported and processed Vigar products, the first plant and corporate offices were opened.


Vigar, pioneers of marinated arrachera

Marinated arrachera arrives in Mexico, a product that would give the Vigar brand the greatest recognition, since it would be marketed mainly through “Self-services”.


Roast Centers

The first free barbecue centers are launched in collaboration with the largest supermarkets, with the aim of boosting the consumption of processed Vigar brand products.


Vigar Butchery

Trying to meet the market demand for meat products in retail presentation ready for the grill, the first Vigar butcher shop was inaugurated with a wide range of imported, processed and highest quality cuts.


“La Pau” Ranch

After the devaluation of the Mexican peso, the “La Pau” ranch is enabled with infrastructure for raising and fattening cattle with export quality, managing to bring Regia beef to the United States of America.

Food Service

After identifying a need for premium beef in the tourist area of ​​Quintana Roo for the hotel sector, the “Foodservice” channel was incorporated as a sales strategy for said market.


Akaushi Beef

Akaushi (Red Wagyu) beef from Japanese genetics is introduced to the portfolio, due to its unmatched marbling, monounsaturated fats, omega 3 and 6 at outstanding levels that places it above the highest qualities.


Second Processing Plant

Thanks to the high acceptance of certified products, the second plant was inaugurated with triple capacity. Achieving world quality standards from “TIF” to “USDA Export Approved”.


Vigar-Sigma Integration

After 34 years of experience in the market, Vigar, a leading brand in the premium beef category in the north of the country with a strong presence in the “Foodservice” and “Retail”, joins the Sigma Alimentos group family.


Image Reinforcement

Presentation of the new Vigar image and its premium products, already available through the Sigma Alimentos portfolio nationwide.